“Seal Beach Man Got Stuck To Spa Drain – On New ’Suction-Proof’ Cover”
~ OC Register – 9/03/09

This article illustrates the dangers of a channel drain which is deemed to be “unblockable.” The problem is that many HOA’s are taking the “cheap” route and hiring divers to install channel drains underwater. We have seen this done, and the divers are modifying the sumps to avoid cutting into the steel rebar on the pool and spa bottom. The result is that the new channel drains are not safer, but could be more dangerous!

In addition, any pool or spa accident (even unrelated to the drains) that results in serious injury or death will certainly require a thorough investigation. Undoubtedly, modified channel drains will be a part of the “discovery” which will keep the HOA’s in the liability loop!

In summary, splitting the drains a minimum of three feet apart insures the drain to be unblockable. This can only be done by draining the pool and spa and replumbing the suction lines by a qualified C-53 swimming pool contractor.


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