Other Pool Services

Even though the backbone of our company is fiberglass resurfacing, we offer other expert in-house pool services, including:

Coping the pool edge with either natural stone or prefabricated concrete
Installation of water line tile
Complete re-plumbing & electrical work


The decision for choosing one swimming pool and spa surface over another has a lot to do with the purpose for which you have a pool.

If you have a pool/spa that is largely used as a backyard “feature” there are many beautiful surfaces from which to choose. However the “feature” pool may not be the most usable pool. Many pool surfaces become rough and tough on the skin as they age.

We at Aqua Creations initially developed our fiberglass technology with the concept of marketing a viable alternative to plaster surfaces that had to be low maintenance and friendly to the user.

As we have evolved, our company objective is to be pace setters for a new generational look in swimming pool surfaces; keeping in mind our initial purpose of providing the long lasting stain resistant user friendly pool.

Some of our accomplishments include breaking the color barrier with a wide assortment of color choices. The use of actual gel coats (not resin coats) for a thick water tight finish, and we are the originators and developers for the use of Kevlar to treat cracked and structurally damaged pools.

Lastly, unlike plaster or other cement base surfaces, our preparation technology doesn’t involve the “stripping of the pool to gunite” in order to achieve a mechanical bond to the substrate. “Stripping” pools (photo) requires the use of small jack hammers that remove the old plaster surface. Unfortunately “stripping” also removes some gunite from the pool, which can structurally compromise and crack the pool.