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CHEMICAL USAGE and Aqua-Glass™

AQUA CREATIONS only endorses three specific brand names of chemicals, “Metal Free” by Natural Chemistry, Hasa “Super Stain Out” and “Stain Treat” by United Chemical Corporation. You may use any dry Tri-chlor tablets. Granular chlorine is acceptable, but recommend that it be dissolved in water prior to broadcasting in pool or spa. We suggest following the same procedure with dry acid. Remember to keep your pH above 7.6.

Liquid chemicals, i.e., chlorine and acid, can be used with satisfactory results. You will notice that liquid chlorine will help keep the pH up when your pool water gets in an acid condition.

In conclusion, Aqua-Glass™ pools and spas are accommodating to most all the same chemicals that are used in plaster pools. We suggest the above precautions to keep your newly surfaced pool and/or spa free from staining for years to come.

CLEANING your new Aqua-Glass™ Surface

Your Aqua-Glass™ surface is much easier to care for than the plaster surface pools. We suggest sweeping the pool at least once a week depending on local weather conditions. A nylon brush should be used to wipe away dirt and debris that has settled on the Aqua-Glass™ surface. Vacuuming should be done when necessary. An efficient way to keep your Aqua-Glass™ surface clean is through the use of an automatic pool sweep. Almost all pool sweeps are compatible with Aqua-Glass™. Your Aqua-Glass™ representative can advise you to which pool sweep will meet your pool cleaning needs.

In the event a stubborn stain does not brush off your pool surface, we suggest lowering the chlorine and adding 2 quarts of Natural Chemistry “Metal Free” or Hasa “Super Stain Out” or add 2 pounds of Stain Treat® by United Chemical Corporation. If a rust stain appears on the surface, it may be removed with a spotting bag by United Chemical Corporation.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pool or water chemistry, please do not hesitate to give us a call or call United Chemical’s toll free number 800-824-5550.

Lastly, if you can’t purchase United Chemical Corporation products from your pool service tech, please call us for help with United Chemical products.

Thank you for your business!